Ylvi and Ani


Palazzo Borghese / Firenze


Palazzo Borghese


Videographer: Lumen Wedding Films

Photographer: Laura Barbera

The wedding of Ani and Ylvi at Palazzo Borghese in Florence was an extraordinary experience, but even more so was the religious celebration at the stunning Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, home to priceless masterpieces by some of Italy’s most celebrated Renaissance artists: Masaccio, Ghirlandaio, Brunelleschi, Vasari, Gianbologna, Filippino Lippi. We at Lumen Wedding Films sought to capture every moment through a delicate blend of cinematic and documentary styles. The result is an emotional wedding video that authentically and engagingly tells their love story. Being wedding videographers in Tuscany means this: narrating the stories of couples who come from afar with sensitivity and skill, immortalizing every smile, every glance, every moment of joy. I hope this video becomes a precious treasure for Ani and Ylvi, allowing them to relive the beauty and emotion of that day intensely each time they watch it. Discover the magic of Ani and Ylvi’s wedding through the eyes of Lumen Wedding Films