Arousing emotions through images and sounds, picturing a special day through a visual narrative, managing light within spaces and events, sometimes unexpected, is our passion. Seizing all the unrepeatable moments that a wedding day offers is an exciting responsibility and turning them into a video – a unique video, as unique us every couple that entrusts itself to our skills – is the greatest gratification.


Telling the story of a couple on their wedding day is a charming paradox, as it’s essential to respect the intimacy of the future spouses while also being adept at capturing the most intimate aspects. This is the challenge for us wedding videographers. Only by doing so can we create a video that stands the test of time and is always enjoyable to watch.

Every wedding is an opportunity to harness all our energy to the fullest, we love our work! We enjoy having a familiar approach with our clients: we treat the venue, our collaborators, and all involved individuals with the utmost respect. The natural consequence of this type of approach is the creation of a video with a high-level style. It is a duty for us at Lumen Wedding Films to capture beauty and magic authentically and honestly, while at the same time being discreet in the most professional manner possible, at the peak of our creativity.

For us videographers, light is like the block of marble for Michelangelo, with the only difference being that marble is static in its materiality; it needs to be chiseled away until the forms emerge under the sculptor’s blows, while light is constantly changing, it needs to be sought, seen through the lens of the camera, framed within the format we choose. Within the frame, the couple before us becomes the protagonist of the composition we decide to create. Our job as wedding videographers is to hunt for beauty, capture the best expressions, the most affectionate and intimate gestures of the couple, illuminated by the best possible light with the best possible angle. The purpose of all this? To make that day memorable!

When the atmosphere is relaxed, natural – and inevitably exciting! – we wedding videographers are able to express ourselves at our best. In our small way, we strive to contribute to this result by interfering as little as possible with the course of the event, but when necessary, we try to put everyone at ease. Our goal is to authentically capture expressions, moments, and instants, while not neglecting the professional and comprehensive recording of key moments such as the ceremony, speeches, first look, first dance, and everything extraordinary that can happen during the wedding.