Our operational base is located in the heartofItaly, Tuscany, not far from Florence. Our location allows usto reach the best locations of our Bel Paese without difficulty: Como Lake, Venice,Puglia, Umbria,Amalfi Coast. Our documentary approach allows us to capture the beauty of the wedding day in order to fully reflect the essence and personality of the couple. While our work is developed 100% internally, the dialogue with the bride and the groom is key to the success of the video.





Holds a degree in Entertainment Sciences and multimedia production at the University of Bologna and has successfully completed professional training in videomaking, direction of photography and editing. His love for the documentary form underpins his approach to marriages: unique events, to be embraced, letting the protagonists express their authenticity to the fullest. Luca is passionate about cinema, theatre, comics and olive trees.




His passion for Aerospace Engineering makes him keen on technology outright. Videomaking attracts him in all its aspects, especially the technical ones – which makes him an excellent problem solver. Multi-instrumentalist – guitar and sax – dj and sound engineer: Samuele is an essential resource during the wedding day. He loves music above all things, and above all things he flies his drone.

A destination wedding is an exceptional event where a couple chooses to spend the most important day of their lives in another country, which may have family ties, emotional connections, or simply be attracted by the beauty that a territory can offer, its artworks, landscapes, culinary delights: the motivations can be diverse and all valid. Italy, with its cultural and scenic characteristics, is ideal for a destination wedding. The Made in Italy style, famous worldwide and authentically experienced in Italian territory, is truly a unique experience. The choice to create an audiovisual memory, to endure over time, as a testament to the wedding day, is a choice that fills us with pride and drives us, each time, to do our best not to disappoint the expectations of the couple and their families.